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The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) offers a variety of programs and services to individuals, communities and businesses to attract and grow business, employment and workforce in Iowa. 

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America’s Small Business Development Center Iowa  provides the highest quality assistance to current and future businesses and by collaborating with other federal, state, local and private resources to ensure maximum benefit to clients.

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People like to live and visit beautiful places. The Central City Mainstreet Façade Grant was established to preserve the integrity of buildings in the Mainstreet Historic Commercial District and restore existing storefronts. In addition to preserving the appearance of the buildings, the program will provide examples for the rehabilitation of other properties throughout the Mainstreet Historic District.

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These organizations support Central City Mainstreet through investment activities.

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Central City Mainstreet recruits, retains and supports our local businesses.

The Central City Mainstreet Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is established to provide a source of financing, which may not otherwise be available within the city, for new or expanding businesses. The RLF adds another tool to the "tool box" of the city's economic development efforts. The incentives provided to business through this RLF are a fixed rate, low interest, and/or long-term financing for a business wanting to expand or locate within the city.

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Help without cost to the entrepreneur. We are America's most productive economic development team--an Iowa contingent. 70 successful, proven small business coaches to assist you every step of the way.

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